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We, I Coach U, are an online education company based in Wuhan, China, engaged in providing qualified native speaking English teachers around the world with the online teaching platform of I Coach U. On this platform you may become one of our distant teachers or co-teachers and teach our students English in various scenarios, i.e., one vs one, one vs group and even one vs on-site classes, through PCs, smartphones as well as tablets.


Please do not hesitate to join us if you are a native speaking English teacher, enjoy teaching overseas students online and making friends with them, and want to enhance your career by novel teaching experiences.


A new and popular teaching brand in China, a dedicated team who are willing to help you 24 hours a day, cutting-edge live stream technology that ensures smooth and lag-free live transmission, and marketing and promotion channels for recruiting potential students.

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    Affiliated Teacher

    Use our ready-made courseware and teaching plans to conduct your own classes, participate in the orientation and on-job training offered by our teaching development team, get free access to potential students for mutual selections, enjoy the rewards of your outstanding performance, and be assisted by 24 hour technical support from our IT team.

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    Independent Teacher

    Set up your own courses and upload your own courseware or teaching plans, set class rates according to the market and your own needs, recruit your own students on our platform, and only pay minimal service charges for live stream transmissions.

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    Speaking Coach

    Help customers practice their spoken English through live stream on smartphones only, set class rates according to the market and your own needs, recruit your own customers on our platform, and pay minimal service charges for live stream transmissions only.

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    Teach on-site classes with their local teachers for schools, kindergartens, training centers and companies; your payment will be based on different time sets ( 30mins, 45mins, 60mins, etc.); you are required to offer before or after class teaching support to the local teachers and theirs students through I Coach U apps or PCs; you will have orientation and on-job training from our teaching development team.

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How to become one of our teachers?

  • You should be a native
    speaking and qualified English teacher.

    You should be a native
    speaking and qualified English teacher.

  • You should have certain
    teaching experience.

    You should have certain
    teaching experience.

  • You should be good at
    communication with overseas students...

    You should be good at communication with overseas students and like to help them through our apps and website.

  • You should be a creative
    and active teacher in class.

    You should be a creative
    and active teacher in class.

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  • Henry

    Hi there! I have been teaching English for about 7 years now. Worked at international schools, government schools, private schools and many different language institutions. During the past 2 years, I have been at a Montessori School learning about Montessori philosophy and student-centered learning approaches. I also have experience as a private tutor and taught many other subjects such as music, computer science, creative writing and electronic music programming. My interests are: reading, creative writing, web design, composing, ancient history, linguistics and computer games. My qualifications are: A Bachelors of Arts in Music, Diploma in Audio Engineering, Certificate in Music Production and TEFL Certification. I am currently in my final year completing a Bachelors of Arts in Literature Theory with an English Major.

  • Marli

    My aim is to give you guys the confidence to speak English in your everyday lives. I will help you to perfect the pronunciation of words and guide you every step of the way, so you can take on the world with your fluent English speaking skills. I will focus specifically on repetition because the only way we learn a new language is by hearing it over and over again. I do not have a specific age group which I teach, as my main aim is just to teach English as an everyday spoken language. I am eager to teach anyone between the ages of 7 and 50. I can't speak mandarin myself, but we will try our best to bridge that communication gap by using visual stimulation like pictures and videos. I'm excited to teach you this lovely language called English, and I promise that this language will open a lot of doors for you in the future, as this is the basic language of the world. Join me, let's have an adventure. I'm excited to meet you! But most of all, let's have FUN!!

  • Thomas

    Hello, nice to meet you my name is Thomas. I have an educational background in Sociology with a minor in English, I also possess a teaching certificate to teach English as a foreign language, I also have an associate's degree in communications. I look forward to teaching you and helping you to learn English. Thank you.

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