User Agreement with Cooperate Partners of I Coach U

Wuhan I Coach U Science & Technology Co., Ltd., China ( I Coach U Sci-Tech) is committed to build an online English teaching and learning platform, on which organizations, schools, teaching workshops, and individual teachers all over the world can carry out interactive live streaming video teaching, publish courses, recruit students, conduct speaking practice and query services, with its ethos of being ‘ open, unrestricted, participated, shared’. Our aim is to make learning and teaching equal, convenient, transparent, and more effective.

Before joining I Coach U, please read this User Agreement with Cooperate Partners carefully and thoroughly. When the user taps or clicks the button “ Accept”, we understand they are willing to observe the terms and conditions specified in this agreement.


By Cooperate Partners, we mean such organizations as schools, companies, training organizations, learning institutions, schools, universities, and colleges that have independent legal person status; we also mean teaching workshops or freelance teacher’s societies that have no independent legal person status.

Cooperate Partners and their teaching staffs are hereby addressed as the User.

I Coach U technically refers to the software of apps and the website of I Coach U Sci-Tech.

2.Settle-in and Account Control

2.1. The user is required to create an I Coach U account before using I Coach U service. The user should use a mobile phone number to register. If the mobile phone number has already been used for the same purpose or has been recorded by I Coach U as a suspected number, the registration will not be accepted. I Coach U Sci-Tech has the right to change registration mode based on users’ demands and product development without advance notice.

2.2. As soon as you finish registration as a user, you will own an account and a password. Then you will be responsible for all the activities and behaviors undertaken in your account. If you lose control of your account and password for your own reasons, you will bear the consequences of any loss or damages thus caused to you, I Coach U Sci-Tech, and any third party.

2.3. When the user completes registration, I Coach U Sci-Tech is obliged to instantly initiate user authentication process by verifying their organization names, legal person representative status, their ID information, license registration number. However, I Coach U Sci-Tech will not warrant the accuracy, integrity, and genuineness of the materials the user provides. I Coach U Sci-Tech promises to keep the confidentiality of the user’s information in accordance with its Private Policy.

3.Service Regulations

3.1. On I Coach U, the user may Set Up Classs, upload courseware, post enrollment notices, conduct live streaming video classes, initiate speaking practice, answer learners’ queries, add their acquaintances, friends, clients and customers, publish instant text or voice messages, audio or video clips, comments, or threads. I Coach U Sci-Tech may modify or change the mode of the above-mentioned service components on the condition that the user is informed in advance.

3.2. Services provided by I Coach U Sci- Tech consist of free and paid parts. The user should purchase the compensable parts of I Coach U service. They may pay to I Coach U Sci-Tech on I Coach U apps or website directly through Alipay, Wechat, or other payment channels. When the payment is completed, I Coach U will immediately give the user access to the components being paid in accordance with the terms and conditions. For the paid components of service, I Coach U Sci-Tech provides clear descriptions in terms of prices, conditions, and policies. The paid service is only available after the user fully settles the payable amount. Payment completion is confirmed with the notification, from the bank or the third party payment platform, saying ‘Payment Completed’ on I Coach U app or website.

3.3 There may appear commercials and advertisements on I Coach U due to promotion, third party cooperation, and sales campaigns. However, any purchase resulting from and referring to the commercials or advertisements is at the user’s disposal. I Coach U will not bear any consequences of the transactions based on the commercials and advertisements.

4. Content Specifications

4.1. The content refers to the materials the user creates, uploads, pastes, publishes and spreads on I Coach U, including, but not limited to, profile photo, nickname, title, profile description, authentication documents, texts, audio-clips, pictures, video-clips, graphs, replies, pre-set automatic replies, links, and other materials resulting from utilization of I Coach U platform.

4.2. The user may not create, upload, paste, publish, spread such materials that forbidden by the law and government regulations as follows:

    a. against the principles specified by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China;

    b. harmful to national security, concerning state secrets, sabotage, and subversion;

    c. inflicting harm to national dignity and interests;

    d. instigating ethnic hatred, discrimination, and national unity;

    e. instigating geographical discrimination and hatred;

    f. instigating religious hatred and discrimination, and promoting or spreading heretic beliefs and superstitions;

    g. spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and causing damage to social stability;

    h. spreading materials of pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, and abetting crime;

    i. insulting or slandering other people, infringing other people’s rights;

    j. horrifying other people, threatening to use violence, cyber man-hunting;

    k. publishing a minor’s (under the age of 18) personal information without their parents’ or guardian’s written consensus;

    l. spreading filthy speeches, spoiling social norms;

    m. breaching copyrights;

    n. spreading commercials or ads;

    o. using languages unaccepted on I Coach U app or its website;

    p. irrelevant remarks or comments;

    q. intentionally putting in digits, letters, numbers, or signs to avoid authentication;

    r. messages or materials forbidden by the law and government regulations.

5. I Coach U ‘ Cloud’ Service and the Disclaimer

5.1.I Coach U cloud service is to offer storage space for the user to upload and save course materials and teaching related information by means of cloud storage technology. I Coach U will not directly upload information for the user, neither will it revise or edit any data uploaded by the user.

5.2.I Coach U respects the user’s copyright while offering cloud service, and manages to keep the user’s data intact by building user folders. The user may control their data by logging in their account in order to move, copy, share, delete, and rename them.

5.3.The user is liable for any damages or law sanctions due to unlawful treatment of other user’s data storage by means of stealing, unauthorized saving, unpermitted utilization, modifying, or removing.

5.4. When the agreement with the user terminates, I Coach U has unilateral right to decide whether to continue the cloud service for the user.

6. Data Storage

6.1.The user is obliged to store or delete their own data on I Coach U. and we are not liable for any data storage failure or missing in this regard.

6.2. I Coach U Sci-Tech has the right to unilaterally regulate the duration of user’s data storage and allocate storage space for an individual user. The user is advised to keep back-up copies of their data stored on I Coach U server.

6.3. If a user stops executing the terms and conditions of the agreement, or when the agreement is terminated, I Coach U Sci-Tech may permanently remove their data stored on I Coach U server. In case this agreement is suspended or terminated, I Coach U Sci-Tech has no liability to return the user’s data by any means.

7. Intellectual Property Statement

7.1. The user owns exclusive copyright of all the courseware, drafts, or works that they create on or upload to I Coach U app or its website. If such publication induces complaints, claims, or disputes from a third party, the user per se will hold the responsibility for the consequences.

7.2. I Coach U Sci-Tech reserves all the copyright of any content created by itself including, but not limited to, webpages, texts, pictures, audio or video clips, and graphs. Without our written consensus, the user may not arbitrarily utilize them or generate derivations out of the above-mentioned contents.

7.3. Without our written consensus, the user may not, for any reason, or by any means, take the liberty to utilize any parts of the contents copyrighted by I Coach U Sci-Tech as well as its logo, and may not copy, revise, spread them or bind them with other materials. The user may not employ I Coach U content with intention of confusing and misleading other users, and may not degrade or distort the content in various commercial situations or services.

7.4. Besides the above claims, the copyright, patent, and intellectual property of the software, on which this agreement is uploaded and published, all exclusively belong to I Coach U Sci-Tech.

8. Disclaimers

The user may hold the responsibility or claim damages from other parties than I Coach U Sci-Tech, if causes are irresistible and losses do not result from I Coach U Sci-Tech performances. The conditions include, but not limited to, the following items:

    a. suspension of service caused by irresistible forces;

    b. data missing or leakage caused by computer virus, Trojan horses, malicious programs, hanker attackers;

    c. the user’s misoperation; error from the user’s software, system, or hardware; or transmission line fault;

    d. failure in login, incomplete material coordination, slow page opening due to poor or instable network transmission;

    e. risks and consequences of reposting or copying of the user’s works by others;

    f. other causes beyond control of I Coach U Sci-Tech.

    g. If a pause of service is necessary due to maintaining and upgrading the system, I Coach U Sci-Tech will issue a notice in advance on its website and apps.

9. Law Application and Dispute Resolution

9.1. The execution and explanation of the agreement is within the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China.

9.2. Any dispute, when occurring between the user and I Coach U Sci-Tech, should be settled through mutual discussion and friendly negotiation between the two parties. If such measures fail, either party has the right to submit the dispute to the People’s Court of Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech District for legal settlement.

10. Changes, Suspension, and Termination of Service

10.1. Whereas there are special occasions in network service, the user understands and agrees that I Coach U Sci-Tech reserves right to change, suspend, or terminate its service (including fee charging) partially or fully whenever necessary. In doing so, I Coach U Sci-Tech will notify its users in advance and offer alternative service to the users thus affected. If a user refuses to accept the alternative service and has already finished certain payment to I Coach U Sci-Tech, the user will be paid back the remaining amount excluding the fees that has already been consumed before the change, suspension, and termination.

10.2. When the following cases occur, I Coach U Sci-Tech has the right to change, suspend, or terminate its free or paid services without holding responsibility to the user or a third party:

    a. the user’s personal profile information is not true, or not consistent with the information submitted at registration, and the user fails to provide authenticate documents to clarify the inconsistence;

    b. the user breaches the law or fails to comply with the terms and conditions specified by this agreement;

    c. by the order of the court or government;

    d. for safety reasons and other unavoidable circumstances.

11. Agreement Validation

11.1. This agreement comes into effect on the date when the user registers on I Coach U App or its website.

11.2. I Coach U Sci-Tech has the right to interpret this agreement within the scope of law.